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#modphys 15/180: Summary Boards

Today we wrapped up our Constant Velocity Particle Model. The test is tomorrow. We went through one of the Modelling worksheets, which I thought was quite good, and I had the students work on whiteboards to prepare a summary of the model.


After the whiteboards were finished, I had the students do a “poster session” in which one partner stays by the board while the other visits others, and they switch after a few minutes. I think it was a good way to give students some time to wrangle with ideas and get their thoughts together. I circulated as well, and planted ideas for the eventual, short, board meeting.


The first board in this post was voted by the students as the clearest. The second board, I thought, also did a good job of summarizing the main information. My favourite hashtag appears in the bottom left corner. Disappointingly, neither board has an equation to describe the line, even though we developped those last week. I will try to reinforce the point for the next model.

#modphys 10/180: Four Representations

We continued our work today on the Constant Velocity Particle Model. After finishing graphs and drawing out the necessary understandings about the slope, we started to draw motion maps (no arrows) and v/t graphs. Along with x/t graphs and descriptions, that takes us to four ways to represent bodiemoving at constant velocity.


We’ll practice these different representations next class and, later this week, we will do the practical. I am looking forward to seeing how it goes.