LEDs in a Jar

Our Design Technology teacher asked for some technical help with a project involving LEDs. We tracked down a shop that sells LED strips, and I picked up a meter of high-intensity bulbs. As a physicist, I was curious about the stopping voltage, currents limits, and heat dissipitation, but it turns out these strips are designed with three LEDs and accompanying resistors on each 5 cm length, so the strip is simply supplied with a 12 V supply. The wall wart supplies have power ratings, and power is used to calculate the appropriate supply. As 0.12 W per LED, with a total draw of 7.2 W for the strip of 60 LEDs, I was able to use a power supply rated to 8 W, or 0.67 A at 12 V to my mind.


A smart persin suggested that LEDs in a bottle would look nice, so after soldering the power supply to the strip, I dumped it into a glass pitcher. A clear bottle would probably look better.

Up next: students investigating aspects of lighting. I cannot wait to see what they come up with!


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