#modphys 3/180: Spaghetti Bridge

I did the spaghetti bridge paradigm lab with my grade 11 students. It was heartening to see that they quickly got into the spirit of things. On the down side, their graphing skills are a bit weak — we’ll need to work on that over the next month.

2014-08-21 14.28.08

Two of the groups went to extremes, testing 50, 80, and 100 spaghetti strands. Not only did this take too much time (and use more than their share of masses!), but their results were difficulty to graph consistently. Next time, I think I will count out 45 (=1+2+…+9) strands of spaghetti for each group, to discourage this sort of distraction.

2014-08-21 14.49.19


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